-Nourish your Family with Real Food-


If you’ve struggled to find Real Food to feed and nourish your family, then we welcome you - you are in exactly the right place!!

When you eat better, you feel better

Welcome to FreshORR Family Farms. We can’t wait to meet you!


Located southeast of Columbus Ohio, FreshORR Family Farms grows pasture raised meats/eggs of the highest quality.


When you first experience pasture raised food, you will be blown away by the taste. This is what happens when the farmer cares and respects the animals and the land… Food just tastes better!

Your food tastes great! We want to be aware of how food is treated. What goes into the food we eat is what ends up in our bodies. We don’t want chemicals in our bodies. Since purchasing your food my blood work has improved each year. I give credit to your food.
— Mike G.